Reclaimed Wood Installations


At Timber Industries we our proud of our Finish Carpentry & Commercial Millwork Division

We are currently one of the top, self-performing minority companies in Maryland and have a strong crew who specialize in project management, custom finish carpentry and commercial millwork. Our diversified experience allows us to handle custom, historic and traditional projects.
We honor and respect our relationships with every member of the team and work diligently to help each of them develop their potential so that the quality of your investment and the workmanship provided to your project is never compromised.
Some of our services include:
  • Architectural Colomns and Trim
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Paneling
  • Wood Stairs and Railing
  • Stair Compents
  • Standing and Running Trim
  • Exterior Trim
  • Wood Contertops
  • Traditional Millwork
  • Doors

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