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Timber Industries Mobile Managed Services (MMS)

Timber Industries offers a wide range of services to its customers including:

Consulting: Including site, fleet, device mix, telecom, software and application mix analyses and recommendations

Procurement: Determine the best hardware, industry-specific software and all accessories to each delivery location.

Deployment: Delivering open the box and go solutions including fully-provisioned devices loaded with configured software and all your necessary accessories to each delivery location

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Includes policy, application loads and update management, top-tier security, customized applications and real-time asset tracking possible from every major MDM platform.

Maintenance & Repair: Enterprise and Consumer-grade repair services for all your devices

Telecom Expense Management: Optimize and manage your entire telecommunication enterprise spend.

Spare Pool Management: Keep your team up and running with next-day replacement services.

Trade-in/Buy Back: Complete the mobile product life-cycle with a certificate of destruction, a full data wipe and a resale of your outdated hardware.