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Gently Used 41″x37″, Grade A and Grade B Pallets Available and Ready to Ship!!!


Crane mats are portable platforms used to support equipment in construction and other resource-based activities.

Working with soft or un-level terrain can be dangerous when using heavy equipment such as cranes, lifts and dozers. An unstable natural surface can cause machinery to sink or tip causing damage to your equipment or even injury to your employees. At Timber Industries we specialize in crane mats. Our mats have been used to provide ground stabilization and protect equipment during the construction of pipelines, bridges, highways, power-lines, natural disasters and environmental cleanups.

We pride ourselves and our product on:

  • Custom Options
  • Strength & Reliability
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Premium Materials
  • Efficient and effective communication, response and delivery

Some industries served include:

  • Bridges
  • Dam Repair
  • Highway & Infrastructure
  • Marine & Barge use
  • Heavy Civil Engineering
  • Utilities installation and maintenance
  • Oilfields & Drilling & Petrochemical
  • Pipeline & Underground
  • Environmental & Natural Disaster Projects
  • Wind Energy

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