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Wood Pallets Make Materials Handling Possible

The modern pallet is a relatively recent innovation, developed in the late 1920s and perfected during the Second World War, which created the largest-scale materials handling challenge the world has seen to this point.

The principal design innovation that led to today's pallet was the addition of bottom boards on the common skid. In addition to allowing for better unit load weight distribution and greater product security, the stacking strength of pallets enabled a more efficient use of space.

Stringer pallets

Stringers are the boards that support the top and bottom deckboards. Stringerboards can be solid or notched. Notches enable a partial 4-way entry into the pallet. 

Block pallets

In this type of pallet, square or rectangular blocks support the pallet decks. The blocks allow for entry from any side and can be placed in a variety of locations, depending on customer needs.

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